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My First Legacy – The Dupuis Family

The first family I created in The Sims 4 started with a single female Sim named Stella Dupuis. Just seemed like a cool name, but I like to have “themes” for my families that I then use as a guide for their names, or how they dress, or the types of jobs they have.

So I asked my teenage son for a suggestion and he said “Clash of Clans,” which of course didn’t seem to fit with Stella at all, but as soon as my son saw the cool mohawk hairdo that was available in The Sims 4 Create-A-Sim, he said I had to use it and make Hogrider from Clash of Clans.

Hogrider isn’t exactly a person’s name, so we compromised and I gave Stella a brother named Hogge Dupuis. To us he was Hogge (Rider) Dupuis. And I did indeed give him the badass mohawk ‘do so he resembled the Clash of Clan troop. It also seemed fitting to make his aspiration Body Builder since he was pretty tough-looking in Clash.

As an funny juxtaposition, because after all one of the best parts of The Sims is the ability to put wild combination together and see what happens, I gave him a career as an entertainer/comedian. So he had to work out, go to the gym a lot, then in his spare time write jokes and perform stand-up at the locals bars or parks for other Sims to enjoy.

Hogge quickly became my favorite member of the Dupuis sibings to play with.

To Be Continued…

Sims 4 Dupus Familiy Tree



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