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The Sims 4 Immigrant Challenge – The Rone Family

Minerva Rone

Minerva Rone

I came across mention of The Sims 4 Immigrant Challenge on the forums and was intrigued. So I went to the website to check out the rules and it seemed like a fun challenge, something different to try.

The Sim I created, my immigrant, was Minerva Rone.

I started the challenge with the idea that I might continue it as a legacy with a Roman Goddesses theme after the Immigrant Challenge was completed, but I ended it during the second generation, so that didn’t really pan out. Still, that’s where I came up with the name Minerva.

The Business

The immigrant challenge revolves around running your own store, so Minerva set up a little boutique that sold floral decorations, and some high-end clothing for men and women.

The general theme of the store was romance and I kept it small so she could manage it easily herself. She did eventually hire an employee, but he was a little slow when it came to responding to customers’ needs, so Minerva did most of the work herself and usually let him clock out early (to save on wages).

Minerva's Store Interior

Store Interior

Minerva Store Exterior

Store Exterior

Sales were pretty good from the very start. The clothing and large vases were the most popular and she was able to make a good profit right away.

Customers in the Store

Minerva actually had some pretty bad luck when it came to finding good employees. One even died while on the job. 😀

Employee Died on the Job

The Home Lot

Minerva lived in a small trailer/bungalow in Oasis Springs that I downloaded from The Sims 4 gallery. Seemed a fitting “humble” beginning for my immigrant. If you’d like the lot for your game, it’s Trailer Starter 67 by CasFoxx. It’s a great little house for under $10K!

Minerva's House Exterior

Minerva's House Interior

Minerva’s Friends and Family

Minerva soon met Gavin Richards and they started dating.

Minerva and Gavin

Love Blooms Over Grilled Cheese

I accidentally hit the “Try for Baby” command during one of their get-togethers when I meant to choose “Woo-Hoo” and wasn’t able to stop it in time. So wouldn’t you know it, Minerva got pregnant.

Minerva Tells Gavin She's Pregnant

And in keeping with the rules, the baby had to be given up for adoption. Fortunately, his father lived in a house in the neighborhood, so Minerva sent little Cory Richards to live with his dad.

Minerva and Newborn Cory

Minerva and newborn Cory

Later on, the two of them would stop by the store so Minerva could keep in touch. Even though her family situation didn’t have the right timing, I still considered Gavin and Cory her family so it was important they keep up their relationship so if they escaped the infamous “cull” by the time she became a citizen, they could be together.

Minerva and Her Son Cory

Minerva and son Cory

And that’s exactly what happened. Once Minerva earned her citizenship by paying back her start-up loan with interest, she and Gavin got married and the three of them became an official family, moving into Minerva’s tiny home, which needed a little bit of expanding to give Cory his own room.

Minerva and Gavin Get Married

Gavin was a writer when she met him so he kept that job after they got married. Cory had an artistic interest so he honed his talent and joined the Painter career after high school graduation.

During high school, Cory met Sarah Golden and they quickly became an item. Sarah was employed as an entertainer. Eventually they got married at Minerva’s house and threw a big party.

Cory and Sarah Get Married

And that’s where I’ve left the game for now. I may pick it up later and focus on Cory and Sarah and see where their lives take them, but for now, I’m moving on to a different challenge–Princesses!

The Rone Family

The Rone Family Today

To Sum Up…

In the end, I got a score of 57 in the challenge. Not sure if that’s good or not since this is my first Immigrant Challenge.

Things I liked:

Owning a retail store and earning all your money from the store. I’m a big fan of rags-to-riches stories in general (I rarely, like almost never, use money cheats), so it fit in well with my style of play. And not being able to sell anything except through the store added a nice twist to that rags-to-riches theme.

 Things I wasn’t thrilled with:

Going to the store every day was boring. Especially since it seemed like the same groups of customers kept coming in, including Death! (Yes, Grim was a daily visitor and Minerva was constantly having to ask him to leave, although a few times he did buy some vases from her–to decorate his pad in the Underworld, I imagine.)

Grim Reaper Shopping in a Store

It got a little interesting after she finally became a full citizen and could get married, because then I had some other Sims to play with, but the day in-day out tedium of running the store was dull.

After the Luxury Party Stuff Pack came out, I jazzed up some of the outfits in the store, which helped relieve some boredom, but if I had to pick one thing I didn’t like about the challenge, that was it.

Will I do the challenge again? I think I would, but I’ll try to make the store a little more interesting. Maybe that will help with the day-to-day boredom issue.

If you’ve tried the Immigrant Challenge, how did you do and what did you think of it?



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