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“Wishing You Were Here” Cast in The Sims 4

When I’m not playing The Sims™, like most people I have a day job. I work primarily as a writer and an online educator (I teach people about writing-related subjects).

I currently have a young adult time travel series available for sale. The first book, WISHING YOU WERE HERE revolves around a 1950’s teen idol named Joey Tempo and a girl from the future who saves his life, Callie Reinard.

I thought it would be fun to re-create the characters from the book as a Sims 4 household and see what happened when I let them loose in the neighborhood.

A lot of fun is what happened! 😀 Let’s just say that some very interesting relationships developed that would have never happened in the book. 😀

Meet the Cast

Callie Reinard – an ambitious music fanatic from the present day whose accidental wish sends her back to 1957 to change the tragic fate of a teen idol who died at age 20.

Sims 4 traits: Ambitious, Music Love, Good

Leah Reinard – Callie’s younger sister, star athlete and not at all interested in old music or the radio business like her sister.

Sims 4 traits: Active, Outgoing, Loves the Outdoors

Joey Tempo – a 1950s singing sensation (like Elvis) who rose to fame at the age of 19 only to lose it all in a transatlantic plane crash twelve months later.

Sims 4 traits: Music Love, Cheerful, Romantic

Sable Courtney – Joey’s beauty queen fiancee and daughter of his chief promoter. She resents Callie butting into their lives and doesn’t like how much time Joey spends with Callie.

Sims 4 traits: Snob, Materialistic, Squeamish

Walter Miles – Joey’s manager and the owner of Joey’s record label Milestone Records

Sims 4 traits: Materialistic, Perfectionist, Self-Assured

Tim Collins – A school friend of Sable’s who takes a liking to Callie back in 1957 but quickly sees that she has eyes only for Joey.

Sims 4 traits: Active, Cheerful, Self-Assured

The cast of Wishing You Were Here as Sims 4 household

Click to Download this Family from The Sims 4 Gallery

The Reinard household is available to download from The Sims 4™ gallery.

Click the picture above to visit the gallery or you can locate the download from within your Sims 4™ game using the hashtag #wywh. You must have The Sims 4™ game installed on your computer to use this content, and login with your Origin ID to download the file.

If you create any interesting Sims stories with the gang, I’d love to hear about them. Share screenshots or links via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and tag them #WYWH so I can find them.



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