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The Sims 4 Disney Princess Challenge – Generation 1 – Part 1

I’m so excited to try out the Disney Princess 10 Gen Challenge! Just found it this week on The Sims 4™ forums and it looks like it will be so much fun. I love big families and right away, the first generation challenge is to start with Snow White and she must have 7 kids with the same father. Whoo! I hope neither one of them dies in the process. LOL!

So my starter for this challenge is Natalie Blanc (aka “Snow White”). If you like Natalie you can find her on The Sims 4™ gallery under the hashtag #SnowWhite.

Natalie Blanc aka "Snow White"

She has moved into a lovely stone cottage I placed in Willow Creek that is just prefect for a princess of humble beginnings. The cottage is adorable.

Small Stone Cottage

Honeysuckle Cottage by MarauderMad @ The Sims 4 Gallery

It’s called the Honeysuckle Cottage by MarauderMad and you can download it from The Sims 4™ Gallery.

Cottage Interior showing little furniture

The cottage interior

Natalie’s property abuts a small park and she met Nancy Landgraab and one of the Caliente sisters while out exploring and looking for plants to use for food or sell for money. Nancy has quickly become on of Natalie’s closest friends, which seems strange because they have nothing in common.

Natalie Blanc meets 2 new friends

Natalie making friends

After chatting with the girls, Natalie gave fishing a try, hoping to to catch herself some dinner.

Natalie Fishing

Natalie fishing for her dinner

Instead, she caught herself a prospective Prince Charming. While fishing, mailman Zayne Rush walked by and caught her attention.

He reminded her of the woodcutter from her childhood so they they struck up a conversation, only to be rudely interrupted by Zayne’s friend.

Natalie Meets Zayne Rush

Natalie meets Zayne Rush

Natalie quickly shoo’d the interloper away and had Zayne all to herself. She discovered they had a common love for music and agreed to go on a date at the local lounge.

Ntalie talking with Zayne

Natalie and Zayne hit it off and find they have things in common

The date went so well that Natalie knew she’d found her one true love. She presented him with a rose…

Natalie gives Zayne a rose

Natalie and Zayne on their first date

Then he poured on the charm…

Zayne trying to be enticing

Prince Charming turning on the charm

Which wasn’t exactly necessary, because Natalie had already made up her mind.

Natalie and Zayne's first kiss

The charm worked!

He was the one!

Natalie and Zayne passionate kiss

The charm worked really well!!!

So she proposed before the date was over.

Natalie proposed to Zayne

Wasting no time, Natalie proposes to Zayne

Zayne accepted and promised to love and cherish Natalie forever.

Zayne kisses Natalie's hands

Zayne eagerly accepts

And just to make sure this serendipitous Prince Charming didn’t accidentally slip away or fall victim to the infamous Sims NPC “cull,” Natalie made sure they got married right then and there in the lounge.

Natalie and Zayne get married

Natalie and Zayne get married

Zayne moved into Natalie’s sweet little cottage, bringing a nice dowry with him that allowed the newlyweds to furnish the cottage more fully and settle down for a happy life together.

Natalie's cottage furnished

Natalie and Zayne furnished love nest

To be continued in Part 2…



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