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The Sims 4 Disney Princess Challenge – Generation 1 – Part 2

So, in Part 1, Natalie (aka Snow White) and her handsome mailman Zayne tied the knot in the Oasis Springs lounge after a lightning fast courtship.

Zayne happily gave up his career with the post office and confessed he always wanted to be a stand-up comedian and had been moonlighting for a while to build up his skills. Natalie fully supported his dreams. His sense of humor is what won her over in the first place so she knew he’d be a wonderful performer.

On the wedding night, Natalie had her own confession. She told Zayne she’d had a dream once that she would have seven children. She realized that sounded like a lot, but she had this awful feeling that if she didn’t have exactly seven, something terrible would happen.

Zayne and Natalie sitting on the bed talking

Wedding Night Jitters?

Zayne, already growing accustomed to Natalie’s eccentricities and loving her all the more for them, said he was from a large family himself. And since his relatives all lived far, far away, he would love nothing more than to build a big happy family with Natalie right here in Willow Creek.

They’d have to do some remodeling, though, to have room for seven kids, but Zayne was pretty handy and he felt the basement could be made habitable with a little bit of elbow grease and a whole lot of Simoleons. He better get writing those jokes!

The cottages cellar stairs

Stairs to a cozy little cellar

Natalie also got herself a job. She wasn’t sure what she’d be good at since she’d lived a rather sheltered and unconventional childhood, but after years of managing the household for her widowed father, she thought being a boss might be something she could do. So, she signed up for a CEO training course in the city and promptly joined the business career. It meant a lot of paperwork, but she much preferred this to cooking and cleaning.

Natalie going off to work in her business suit

Off to work in the world of big business

Zayne was happy to help out around the house since his work schedule was completely opposite Natalie’s. He even took up gardening at her suggestion and together they expanded the plants she had to include fruit trees and a few more vegetables. Home grown food tasted so much better than store bought!

Natalie and Zayne in the garden

Natalie’s the boss at home too!

So, the days were filled with work or puttering around the garden, and the nights with romance.

Natalie and Zayne Kissing

Every night is date night!

Before long, Natalie was expecting her first child!

Natalie celebrating positive pregnancy test

The pregnancy test was positive!

Zayne couldn’t wait to meet his new son or daughter.

Zayne talking to Natalie's Pregnant Belly

Zayne can’t wait to meet the little one!

Which will it be? Boy or Girl? Find out in Part 3, coming soon!


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