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The Bachelorette Challenge – Part 1

The other day in The Sims 4 forums I discovered a new challenge — The Bachelorette Challenge! Reminded me a bit of the Asylum Challenge with 1 main character and then 7 others in the same house.

This follows a similar format to the TV show, with one of the 7 suitors eliminated (sent out of the house) every few days. I read the directions here and then put my own twist on it, based on how I LOVE to randomize things in The Sims 4, just to see what will happen. I love the unexpected. (For a shorter Bachelorette challenge, try this one at Mod The Sims).

So here is my take on The Bachelorette Challenge and how I’m playing it.

8 Sims from The Sims 4

Setting Up – The Bachelorette

In CAS, randomize female Sims until you find one you like. Don’t change anything about her–including her clothes. If she’s dressed ridiculous, that’s part of the fun! πŸ˜€

Randomize her first and last names.

Give her the Soulmate aspiration (after all, isn’t that what the The Bachelorette is all about?), and she must have the Romantic trait.

Randomly choose the other two traits.

Tip: For this I used multi-sided D&D dice that totaled 36 (the number of traits available if you have all the expansions/packs up through Sept 2015; adjust if your game has a different amount) and rolled them for each trait. You can also use the online number generator.

Keep track of what traits you’re assigning because in my version of this challenge NO DUPLICATES. That means if the Bachelorette is a Foodie, none of the suitors can have that trait. There are plenty of traits to go around without duplicates, so that makes it an even playing field. No one will have anything in common with the Bachelorette trait-wise.

Same with Aspirations. Each bachelor you create needs to have a different aspiration or variation of an aspiration if it has multiple branches. Again, I rolled dice for this. If I hit a duplicate, I picked either the one before or the one after it, or I rolled again.

Pick a distinctive walk for her. She gets first dibs, because guess what? No Duplicates on the walks either. πŸ™‚ There are 8 walks in total, so everyone in this challenge gets a different one!

Creating the Contestants

After you have created the Bachelorette, make the 7 suitors. Again, RANDOMIZE them, BUT unlike the Bachelorette, who is your star, there are no re-rolls of the CAS randomizer. You MUST take the first random guy you get AS HE IS. Even if he is the dorkiest, worst-dressed specimen you have ever seen. πŸ˜€

(Fear not! Despite some serious wardrobe tastes, the majority of the random male Sims I got at the start of my challenge were pretty decent looking.)

For each male Sim, pick a distinctive walk, Aspiration and 3 randomly-generated traits. No duplicates across all 8 Sims. Repeat these steps until you have 7 eligible Sims ready to woo your Bachelorette.

If you want to download the set of random Sims I put together for this challenge, they’re available in The Sims 4 Gallery under #bachelorette.

Starting the Challenge

Start a new game and you can live anywhere you want that can hold 8 people. Use cheats to turn FreeRealEstate on and pick your dream house. Use Motherlode to give yourself all the money you want, and use as many times as you need over the course of the challenge (no one will be working, so this is your only source of income).

The only requirements for the lot are as follows:

  • the Bachelorette has her own bedroom (alone) with an expensive double bed so she can get a good night’s rest. (Use the Lock Door function to keep the others from coveting her nice bed).
  • provide 7 single beds for the contestants. They can share a room/rooms, live in the basement, camp in the back yard. Doesn’t matter, but they each need a place to sleep other than the couch. πŸ™‚
  • add a bunch of “recreational” and “skill” items to the house–computers, musical instruments, card table, chess, etc. so there is something for the Sims to do autonomously when they aren’t socializing.

Tip: A moderate sized house where they’ll cross paths a lot will encourage more autonomous interaction. I tried putting my crew into a lovely triple townhouse I got from the gallery thinking they might each want their own room, but it caused a lot of weird routing (Sims eating in one townhouse and then going next door to wash the dish), and it also spread them out too much so they were all in different rooms doing solo stuff. Didn’t really work for a challenge like this, where you want them forced to cross paths and interact.

When I switched to this gorgeous Blue Victorian by sarademoor from the gallery, and added the necessary number of beds, we were cooking. The guys love gathering around the big screen TV! LOL!

3 Sims watching TV

How the Challenge Works

Much like the Asylym Challenge, you only control The Bachelorette. All the others are left to fend for themselves. You cannot instruct them do anything other than to return home from an off-lot excursion.

If they get themselves in trouble like getting mortified and die, that’s Darwinism at work and your Bachelorette is better off without that one as her mate. πŸ˜€ Adjust the time table below if you lose a contestant to death. You could add another male Sim to the household to take his place, but if it’s many days into the challenge, he’ll be at a disadvantage in terms of getting to know the Bachelorette. But that is an option that is open to you if you want to keep to the 24-day schedule.

The Bachelorette cannot make any romantic overtures toward any of the male contestants unless she receives a wish to do so (or she’s on a formal date and the date goal requires a romantic interaction). The only exception is Woo-hoo. No woo-hooing until she picks her man and proposes. But if she gets the wish to kiss someone because she’s feeling flirty and she’s worked up enough of a relationship with someone do invoke this interaction, then she may do so. Otherwise, she must stick to the other socialization categories.

A note about dates: one of the goals of a date is usually a passionate kiss. In order to have this available, the Sim has to initate other romantic options to build up to it. This is the only place where the Bachelorette can freely choose from the romantic socialization commands and woo her date. I must be a formal date with goals and a one-on-one situation.

The Schedule of Events

The challenge I’m playing lasts 24 days (slightly longer than the one I linked to above). Here is the rundown of events that happen each day. Again, remember you are only controlling the Bachelorette. So she controls how all of this happens.

Day 1 – First meet; Get to know each other; Spend lots of time socializing with the contestants and building up friendships.

Day 2 – Group date; must be off the home lot. Go someplace fun where everyone canΒ  socialize and do other things like a park, or a pool or the gym/sauna. Keep working on those friendships and getting to know everyone.

Day 3 – Speed dating; have as many one-on-one dates with the contestants as your Bachelorette can manage before she’s totally exhausted. Each date must be off lot and a formal “Ask to go on Date” date with the goal meter. You cannot end the date early unless you receive the gold medal.

Choosing who to go on a date with: I leave this up to you. Putting a specially marked chair in the house near the TV and picking whoever autonomously sits in it is one way. Another is to roll dice and pick randomly based on their order in the relationship panel.

The only restriction is that the next time speed dating comes up, the Sims that went on a date previously, are not eligible again until everyone left in the house has had a turn.

Day 4 – Elimination day #1; socialize as much as you can because today’s the day. Someone is going home. 3pm is deadline. How I determine it is simple. I look at the Bachelorette’s relationship panel and whoever has the lowest green bar (or green and pink if they all have budding romances with her), is the one to go.Β  (6 contestants left).

You can evict this person and just kick him out, or you can place him in another household. Note: if he’s still in the world, he may have a tendency to keep stopping by or calling. This is okay as long as you do not let the Bachelorette have any more interactions with him. He can visit/call the other contestants if he wants, but she can’t talk to him or acknowledge him.

Day 5 – House Party; have your Bachelorette throw a House party on the home lot for just herself and the bachelors and try for the gold medal, as well as deepening those relationships.

Day 6 – Speed dating; repeat Day 3 but pick different contestants for one-on-one time.

Day 7 – Group date; take all the contestants somewhere fun to frolic.

Day 8 – Elimination day #2; same as previous, at 3pm boot out whoever has the lowest relationship with the Bachelorette. If it seems too close to call, kick out the one you like least. (5 contestants remaining).

Day 9 – Free day; socialize or do whatever you want with or without the contestants (although it’s to the Bachelorette’s benefit to spend time with them, the poor girl may need a relaxing day at the spa to think things over.)

Day 10 – Speed dating; do some more of those one-on-one’s.

Day 11 – Host an “incognito” (costume) party*. Invite all the contestants. Let everyone pick their costumes autonomously.
(* I believe this is only available if you have the deluxe edition of The Sims 4 that came with the costumes. If you don’t have this option, host another party of your choice.)

Day 12 – Elimination day #3; at 3pm, offer each contestant a rose, then kick out the one with the lowest relationship bars. (4 contestants remaining)

Day 13 – Speed dating; one-on-one dates. Might be tough, but you should be able to get at least 3 in there.

Day 14 – Host a party at a community lot. Type of party is up to you.

Day 15 – Free day; do whatever you want.

Day 16 – Elimination day #4; at 3pm kiss each contestant’s hands (if he’ll let you), then kick out the one with the lowest relationship bars. (3 contestants remaining)

Day 17 – Host a party on your home lot; type of party is up to you.

Day 18 – Group outing to any community lot.

Day 19 – Speed dating; try to have one-on-one dates with all three of the remaining contestants.

Day 20 – Elimination day #5; at 3pm try to embrace each contestant and kick out the one with the lowest relationship bar. (2 contestants remaining)

Day 21 – Go on two last one-on-one dates with the remaining two contestants.

Day 22 – Host a Black and White bash at your home.

Day 23 – Proposal day; the finale. Your Bachelorette must make her decision. Up to you how you want to make the choice. Could be based on relationship levels or just on which Sim you (and your Bachelorette) prefer.

When she’s settled on a contender, have her travel with that Sim to a romantic location, offer a rose and work your way up to a proposal.Β  When they return home, she must break the bad news to the other contestant and send him packing.

(You may now control the actions of the winning contestant as well as the Bachelorette.)

Day 24 (or later) – Plan your wedding event! Host a wedding party and get married to your Soul Mate at a location of your choosing.

(Optional: complete the Bachelorette’s Soul Mate aspiration during the challenge, and help the winning contestant complete his aspiration once they’re engaged.)




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