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The Sims 4: Get Together is Here!

This expansion pack is so much fun! I haven’t explored all of it yet, but of course I jumped right in and played around with the Club system.

I’m currently playing a 3-person family named Brady (because I built them a house loosely based on The Brady Bunch interior floorplan). Father Bryan Brady married one of the Caliente sisters, Katrina, and they have a son Edison. (ETA: I just discovered Katrina isn’t the other girls’ sister, she’s their mother! Eee-gads. That sure came as a surprise to Bryan after the wedding!)

Bryan joined the already existing Garden Gnomes club that enjoys fishing, frog gathering and not surprisingly, gardening. Their main hang out is a new waterfront park in Windenburg, so they mostly fish. Although Bryan isn’t the leader of the group, he can invite others to join. So he met a few people at the park who seemed to also enjoy fishing and they joined the club with him.

Four men fishing off a stone pier

A Gardening Gnomes Club Meeting at the Pier

Katrina wanted to make her own club with her sisters daughters and a couple friends. So she started the Surferjettes club — women who like to hang out at the pool and talk about feminism (but really it seems to be more about hanging out and drinking rootbeer floats). Their signature color is red, but club members are free to choose what part of their attire is red. Some interesting results there!

Five ladies at the pool enjoying rootbeer floats

The Surferjette Club gathering for rootbeer floats after a swim

Edison created a Technogeeks club to have some fellow computer whiz’s to hang out with. They meet at a cool tech library I got from the gallery (the Read, Write and Tech lot by Rita2003) and mostly play video games all the time while telling jokes.

Three Sims playing computer games at the library

The Technogeek Club gathering at the library to play video games



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