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Let’s Go Clubbing!

In my last post I gave a quick summary of the Brady family that I used to test out the new Get Together expansion pack. Bryan joined the gardening club while wife Katrina and son Edison started their own clubs. Well, you can never be in just one club now, can you? Certainly not with so many possibilities out there to try!

Katrina decided it was time her adult daughters made themselves useful around the house now that Bryan knew about them. So she created a new cleaning club called the Devious Maids. Just like the TV show, these girls thrive on romance and mischief, and also manage to pick up around the home and repair things when not causing havoc.

Collage of the Devious Maids club cleaning houses

Bryan meantime, was feeling a little restless just attending to plants and occasionally fishing or hunting for frogs. He needed something more challenging that could improve his mind and body, or maybe just his body. He joined the existing Powerhouse club that meets at any gym under the leadership of Marcus Flex. Bryan managed to gain a little athletic skill and made a bunch of new friends to help him toward his Friend of the World aspiration.

Edison has been pretty happy with his Technogeeks club, but when his twin sisters Kira and Ivy decided to create a study group called the Homeworkers, and he noticed his grade school crush Elsa Bjergsen was a member, he rushed to join. Suffering through algebra, history or other soul-sucking assignments is worth it when the love of your life is in the same room.

4 Sims children gathered around a dining table doing homework

To be continued…



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