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Sidetracking – Playing Some Sims 3 For a Change

So this week I was playing a little Sims 4 (Easter Egg/Grow Fruit hunt and all that–the clock is ticking!), but you know what? I took a little detour back to The Sims 3 yesterday…because horses.

Don’t know if it’s too much Hayday lately or what, but I just had a hankering to go farming with my Sims and I wanted a Sim horse.

Since I last played The Sims 3 last summer, it’s had an update or two that affected the launcher. I like it! The new launcher lets you pick and choose which expansions to load each time you start the game.

That’s very handy, because for some reason, the game wants to crash all the time on me. It never did before–I made sure after upgrading to Windows 10 to test it and I happily played with all packs for several hours no problemo. Well, not so anymore, for whatever reason. As soon as I tried to place a family the “unexpected error” reared it’s ugly head.

So, since I was planning to focus on horses, I ditched Seasons, Supernatural, and Into the Future, as well as a few stuff packs I don’t use much (Diesel anyone?) and then the game worked fine.

I made a new family in Appaloosa Plains (because I wanted the space to lay down Grandpa’s tractor and path, which I’d purchased but never had a chance to test out before The Sims 4 came along– it’s pretty cool! Makes gardening a breeze!)

Anyway, here’s my little horse that I was so anxious for. His name is Kismet and he likes to jump.

The Sims 3 Salinas Family with Kismet the baby horse

Mr. Salinas leading Kismet back into the paddock

It wasn’t long before Kismet wasn’t a little baby anymore!

Sims horse Kismet aging up to adult

It’s Kismet’s birthday!

He’s on his way to becoming a champion jumper, if Mr. Salinas can keep his butt in the saddle long enough. Mrs. Salinas and son play catch while Kismet trains. I wish The Sims 4 had more sports equipment like this to play with.

Kismet training on the jump

Kismet, the Champion in training

Stay tuned! I may have more tidbits about Kismet and the Salinas family in the future…



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