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The Sims 4 Disney Princess Challenge – Generation 1 – Part 3

In part 2 Natalie (aka Snow White) had just discovered she was expecting a baby.

Well, at long last the day finally came when Natalie was in labor.

Snow White in Labor

Oh-OH! That doesn’t feel like indigestion!

She chose to deliver her first baby at the hospital so that she’d have experts on hand to help out.

Snow White Delivering Baby at Hospital

Zayne was pretty useless during the procedure. The intern with the pink booties gave Zayne a withering look for being such a spaz.

At long last Natalie met her beautiful baby girl.

Snow White holding her Baby girl SnowPea

Hello, SnowPea!

She and Zayne named their little girl SnowPea.

Zayne holding his daughter SnowPea


Natalie still wanted that big family she told Zayne about, so before long she was expecting again.

Snow White pregnant again

However, when she told SnowPea she was soon to be a big sister, SnowPea was not happy.

Snow White telling Snow Pea about the pregnancy

She ran to the computer to see if it was possible to sell unwanted siblings online.

SnowPea searching the Internet for how to get rid of siblings

Zayne quickly put her fears to rest by assuring SnowPea that she would always be his firstborn, and always special to him and her mother, no matter how many siblings came along afterward. SnowPea was finally happy again.

SnowPea receiving some extra attention from Dad

Natalie, no so much. She felt fat and unattractive, even though she was the one who wanted all these kids to begin with.

Snow White feeling fat and unattractive

Zayne was quick to reassure her, too, that she would always be the love of his life, and he loved her just the way she was.

Zayne telling Snow White he loves her just the way she is

Natalie felt better…until she had to squeeze her stomach into her suit to go to work. This baby could not come soon enough!

Snow white hauling her huge belly off to work

Eventually, those familiar labor pains started and Natalie knew exactly what to do.

Snow White in Labor again

She skipped the hospital this time and had her baby at home, surrounded by family. Zayne was still a bit of a spaz, but that kept her laughing through the contractions and…ta-dah!

It was a baby boy this time!

Natalie and Zayne named him Grisom. He was grumpy right from birth.

Snow White and her first son, Grisom

Zayne was so delighted to have a son, he couldn’t stop gazing at their tiny miracle.

Zayne holding his son Grisom

Who’s Next?

Natalie and Zayne have two children now. Five more seems unreal, but Natalie is determined that her premonition come true.

Who will be born next?

Stay tuned for Part 4!
















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