Sims Stories Monthly

What are your Sims up to today?


Femaile Sims avatar looking leftBy day, I’m a writer, by night, I’m a Sims player. I thought it would be fun to create a blog where I document the whacky stories my Sims get up to.

I’m a long time player. I started with The Sims™ (1) and have played all the expansions and subsequent series since.

I love to play legacy families and see how many generations I can get on the family tree, and I like taking Sims from rags to riches on their own efforts. I rarely use cheat codes for money. Usually only to fix the odd glitch here and there (Reset a Sim, etc.).

I love building, but I’m not an expert builder. Still learning as I go. I prefer smaller houses to humongous ones because I like being able to watch my Sims without having to move the camera around all the time to follow them. For this reason I tend to use single-story houses a lot, but as my legacy families grow, I sometimes need to resort to using a basement or additional floors to accommodate everyone.

I tend to stick with one family per game rather than play rotationally. In The Sims 3™, I enjoyed populating my game with my own Sims and then watching as my primary Sims family met up with them. It was interesting to see in different games who those same random Sims would end up marrying, etc.

In The Sims 4™, I haven’t yet tried populating the town with my own Sims. I’m worried the “culling” that keeps the population to 180 Sims might delete them, because I’m not 100% sure how that works yet (or if it’s working the way it’s supposed to), so waiting for more information on that. Also, Story Progression seems to work a lot differently in The Sims 4, so the things I looked forward to (watching my random unplayed  Sims interact and marry within the current population) doesn’t seem to happen the same way. Maybe it will in the future, so I’ll wait until then to try it out.

But I’m having fun exploring what’s new in The Sims 4™ and seeing what new adventures my Sims can get up to!


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